Playhouse and Music Theatre

In the latter part of 2004 rumors were circulating that the “Old Elias Church”, which was built in 1806 and used as church until 1857, was going to be sold on Ebay and razed so that its massive timbers could be confiscated. This generated grave concerns that a vital part of Mifflinburg’s history could be lost forever and in turn forced a small group of people into an endeavor to save the structure. Hence the Elias Church Committee was formed. The Mifflinburg Bank and Trust, Co. was the first entity to “step up to the plate”. It bought the building and donated it to the effort. The building is now owned and operated by The Mifflinburg Heritage and Revitalization Association. Over the course of the project to date we have had between 75 to 100 people working on the church in one way or another. The volunteers have been from young to old. An archeological dig was organized and conducted by a local Boy Scout for an Eagle Scout project. Groups of school kids have come for a tour every year since the committee obtained the building. There have been performances, special event church services and tours held there. We have had to turn down many requests to use the building because it is not ready for full-scale operation yet. The building will be used for theatrical productions, musical performances weddings, funerals, meetings, lectures, special church services and other miscellaneous events. This will provide income to operate and maintain the building and grounds. Our purpose is not just to restore a historic building but also to have a vital, ongoing concern that will provide some much needed economic activity for our community, area and region.